How it works:

RecoveryON uses an established and cutting-edge device to discreetly protect your bike from theft and loss.   We'll ship the device directly to you.  First thing you do is flip the switch to activate the device, watch for the sequence of lights establishing GPS and Cellular connection, and pop on the waterproof cover (instructions included with the device).

The device is then installed on the bike in a discreet location (inside a seat, under an accessory, attached to the frame, etc.)  Extra long zip ties are provided, get creative or hide in plain sight!

Next call our team to verify activation and E-sign the user agreement and Warranty (if applicable).  

Download the app and thats it, you've earned the peace of mind you deserve. 

In Case of theft:

As soon as you notice your bike has been stolen you need to call the Police and file a report.  Next you call the recovery support 800 number (24/7) with the report number.  

Three things will happen immediately:

1.) Recovery Support will activate "Recovery Mode" on your device which starts tracking in near real time.

2.) Recovery Support works with the Police to actively provide the device location, guiding them to your device.

3.) You'll be able to relax knowing your bike is being recovered or your Warranty will get you a new one

Thats it, the recovery team takes it from there and will work directly with the Police to recover your E-Bike.

Have piece of mind knowing your E-Bike is safe.

  • 5-Year Battery Life

    Advanced lithium battery technology provides long-lasting life in a small form factor with no need to recharge!

  • 3 Years of GPS & Celluar Recovery Tracking

    Pinpoint GPS location with the click of a button. Stay connected to your asset and know the precise location.

  • Lightweight Design

    About the size of a deck of cards, this wireless device is small enough to fit anywhere on your E-Bike.

  • 4G/5G Compatible

    Utilizes advanced 4G LTE cellular technology that is 5G network compatible which can maximize network longevity.