Studies have shown that electric bikes are three times more likely to be stolen than non-electric bikes, due to their high value. In the US, the chance of a regular bike being stolen each year is approximately 3.8%.  In Los Angeles alone there were 2,124 reported bike thefts in 2021.  In our hometown of Carlsbad, CA there are reported thefts on Nextdoor almost weekly!   

So we asked ourselves what we could do about it. 

Super expensive lock - The reality is there is no lock that a thief cannot defeat in under a minute.   We saw one report where a thief used a battery operated dremel to cut a lock in seconds!  Unfortunately locked bikes are stolen every day.

Air Tags - Not a bad solution for tracking on a short term basis but there are 3 major downfalls.  First, they rely on a bluetooth connection (short range) so the thief is notified a device is trying to connect.  Second the batteries do not have the same life.  Third, they require connection to an Apple device.  A smart thief simply carries an Andriod.  Our device is literally talking to satellites (pretty cool) and the cellular network!

Armed attack dog - Well, yes that would work but come with a lot of maintainence.

So, instead of the above options we went in search of the best recovery solution out there and Voila!  It turns out our founder owns another business where there is a need to have asset tracking (financing trucks).  The answer was right there, literally sitting on our founders desk.  Now you have the ultimate recovery solution about to be shipped to your desk.  But it gets even better.  By partnering with our Warranty provider we bring a $2,500 piece of mind in case of loss.  

So bike hard, bike often, and know that in case someone grips your ride all you need is RecoveryON!